Press Release . The legendary X-Poros race will be held again this year after a one year’s pause.
The island of Poros is expecting you  on Saturday September 22nd for the classic rugged trail of the Saronic Gulf.
There are no significant changes in the formulation and the main event constitued of
2K swim, 10K mountain run and 50K mountain bike will probably cover the envy for sweat and pain under the sun..

Of course there are milder versions and a pure cycling one
This year the organization is hoping to avoid the rainfalls that had mysteriously marked the last 2 versions. This time an alternative running route will exist if the weather does not make us a favor again.
Our website has posted the maps (the same as before!)

www.x-poros àdownloadsà maps and contains enough information.
Otherwise we will be happy to answer any logic questions …
Entries will be limited to 100. Request have to be made until the last race of the week to avoid a messy organisation with last minute participants.

If someone wants to come and live the race as an insider (as a volunteer) just let it know.
Say hello to our  the good sponsors and visit their links because without them you will find only smiles at the check points and no food!

Good training.

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